A group of 100 Helm pledge partners
donating $100 monthly to bring restoration, purpose and direction to many…

Our lives once darkened by addiction were given restoration, purpose and direction and that is now the prayer for every resident who will grace our new facility. It’s our mission!

We’ve been given a vision, prayed, acted and with your support are now a registered charity, a working farm renovated and prepared for 12 men who will join us in 2021 to start their new life. The final step in this portion of the Helm’s story is this campaign. ONE HUNDRED pledge partners, committing to 100 dollars monthly. We know that some families, business and organizations are able to give more, some less, that’s great, the whole is so much greater than the sum of it’s parts. It’s our collective effort that will see the Helm succeed. This target amount will ensure that we are able to provide quality counselling, teaching, food, housing and all of the resources necessary for our program to function. Your $23 weekly will change the lives and legacy of many through the years. Please consider joining this group so that we can open our doors this spring.