Helm Essentials


At the Helm Center we attribute a successful recovery on campus and long after graduation to an ongoing understanding and pursuit of these 8 essentials:  


Programming will focus heavily on learning. We will offer a wide range of classes that include subjects like mental health, pornography, life skills, and Bible studies. Self study through 12 steps, plus counselling and group therapy all contribute towards health both mentally and spiritually.  


While faith is neither a prerequisite for admission nor is it forced on our residents it is very much a part of our program. Similar to the 12 steps we believe that there are immeasurable benefits to living with the knowledge that there is a higher power.
Those benefits are found in discovering who God is and what the Bible teaches about His purposes and plans for our lives.  


Healthy living is fun! Learning new extracurricular activities that don’t revolve around drugs and alcohol are so important. There is joy and life to the full waiting.  


Finding mentorship, safe friendships, healthy work environments and community are all crucial parts of recovery. Our aim is to help with integration. 


A new life includes all new habits. At the Helm there is an emphasis placed on time management, healthy eating, exercise, sleep schedules and devotion time.  


We believe that hard work is vital, finding new skill sets and purpose will help set our residents up for success. 50% of our daily program is dedicated to work that helps maintain our society.  


While self awareness and inner healing are invaluable there is also something to be said about getting our mind off of ourselves and shifting the focus to helping others.Giving back through serving neighbours, those less fortunate, engaging in group projects and cleaning our community are some great examples of ways to find purpose and joy through being a productive and helpful member of society.  


At The Helm we value brotherhood. This is a unique and finite period of time shared by and understood by a small group of people. The bonds formed will last a lifetime and the encouragement, accountability, compassion, empathy and motivation gained by you and your group will go a very long way towards healthy character development and the way you relate to others moving forward.